Q: How long does the M-185 Perimeter Tour take?

A: This picturesque ride along the water is mostly flat and takes on average 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete. If you would prefer to ride through the interior of the island, one of our friendly staff are happy to help you create a self-guided tour that best fits your preferences and abilities.

Q: Can I make a reservation for a bike rental?

A: We are unable to make reservations during our peak season months from April through October due to limited availability. We are able to make reservations during our non-peak season months from November through March for fat bike rentals.

Q: Do you offer group discounts and reservations?

A: We are happy to work with a variety of groups and do offer group discounts and reservations to groups of 20 or more in April, May, September and October. Please call or email us for more information if you are interested in setting up a group reservation during those times.

Q: What should I bring for my bike ride?

A: You should bring comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear. We provide helmets, baskets, and maps with our rentals if desired.

Q: What options do you have for children that cannot ride their own bike?

A: We offer three different options for children that aren't ready for their own bike. The Burley Cart is an enclosed cart that can accomodate 1-2 children under a combined weight of 100 pounds. The cart has storage in the back and includes safety belts for the children. Our second option is the Weehoo. The Weehoo is a small seat with safety belts and pedals that attaches to the adult bike. The Weehoo fits most children that are between ages 2-9 and under 80 pounds. The Tag-Along is a small bike that attaches to the back of the adult bike and allows children to pedal as well. The Tag-Along fits most children that are between ages 5-11 and are under 100 pounds.

Q: How much time do I need for a bike rental?

A: Our average rider takes 1-2 hours but you do not need to decide how much time you would like. We note the time that you leave and calculate the time you have the bike for when you return. We prorate every 15 minutes after the first hour and you would pay once you return.

Q: Do you rent electric bikes?

A: Unfortunately, due to local regulations we are unable to rent electric bikes. If you are interested in bringing your own, we would recommend contacting the Mackinac Island Police department for more information.

Q: Can you repair my personal bike?

A: Yes, of course! We offer most repair services from flat tire repair up to a complete bike overhaul. All repairs are first come first serve. Please call or stop by for a repair quote.